Minato Smart Gate Automation Features
* Automated Job Identification Minato Smart Gate Automation captures real-time data and identifies internal and external trucks using RFID equipment integrated into the systems, avoiding manual data entry errors.  

* Cost Effective & Economical Minato's AI predicts a pattern of incoming and outgoing vehicles to ensure less idling, thereby reducing demurrage fees from quicker drayage turn times. It reduces operational costs by optimizing gate throughput.

* Improves Operations & Efficiency Minato's helps clients gain new business efficiencies and minimal time on Gate by automating the In & Out bound Gates. Operators can focus their productivity on essential tasks without worrying about manual checks.

* Reduced Turnaround Time & Traffic Jams With advanced pre-staging of containers and trucks, Minato Smart Gate Automation improves the coordination of freight transfer activities, decreasing truck turn  around time and reducing queuing for hauliers in the Gate.


 A paperless job process using Mobile App or QR Generation ensures easiness as drivers can scan the job details from their smartphone

* Convenient & Safe An operator sitting in the control room eliminates the risk of lane accidents, resulting in a safer work environment. Smart Gate automation optimizes safety by reducing the number of people in the gate lanes.

GATE OCR Minato's OCR-based AI solution for fast and efficient gates can capture data and images under all operating and ambient conditions.

  Minato OCR Features & Benefits
- High-Resolution Image Capturing
Minato's OCR Technology is proficient at capturing critical data like container Id numbers, ISO Codes, Damages, seal Detection, and IMO labels.

- Highly Responsive
Minato's OCR is agile and captures information even while the trucks are in motion due to its fast processing time output, generating output in seconds.

Minato's OCR is a weather-tested product, fully-functional in ambient conditions, manufactured to meet the high standards of quality required for sustaining maritime conditions.

MINATO Remote Tally Inspection System for STS

Automatic Real-Time Identification  Real time identification of container numbers, Seals, Damages, and ISO codes during loading and unloading operation. Improves STS Crane Performance As Minato seamlessly captures data when the containers are in motion across multiple lanes, it reduces the need for STS cranes to slow down, thus optimizing them and increasing their operational efficiency.


Safe Working Conditions Increases safety by automating the job cycle and physical presence of Clerks below STS Improves Efficiency with 100% Remote Handling/ Management The RTIS enables remote working from the control room, helping tally clerks focus on other business functions and limiting the manual intervention to a few exceptional situations only.

Accuracy & Productivity - RTIS, through its advanced technology, eliminates validation mistakes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency during vessel loading and unloading, improving the tally clerk-to-crane ratio, and reducing the physical intensity of the tally operators.


Rich User Role / Privilege Management
Efficient Allocation of Resources
With real-time data and information available on the application, businesses can efficiently allocate the personnel required based on identifying vacant berths. 
Reduced Wait Times & Costs
Minato's Berth Planning Application leads to more innovative, safer, and improved decision-making, reducing waiting times and fuel costs incurred due to the long wait. 
Dedicated Planning and Forecasting Zone
It helps third-party users in planning and forecasting the allocation of their ships. As they have a clear overview, planning vessel berths/ preferred berths, Safety Margin, planning Quay Cranes movements, and planning yard equipment is easy and convenient.


Unique User Features
The Berth Planning Application offers unique features to the users to:
o Quality Check Assignment
o Email generation: Get notifications and updates about the vessel movement and other real-time data 
o Show/ Hide Vessels Berths: Users can show the vessel berths if they desire or hide the information by uploading a porotype picture of a similar vessel docked the berth.

Custom Reports & Dashboards
Through Minato's Berth Planning Application, users get standard and custom reports unique to their needs and a dynamic dashboard of the vessel schedule, QC (Quality Check) Schedule, and published forecast. 


Minato's Digital Twin is a valuable and resourceful intelligent port systems model beneficial in port planning; offering a multitude of Features & Benefits ü Enhanced Asset Management Minato Digital Twin significantly improves port asset management by visualizing the present and future physical assets. Using IoT sensors, Minato's Digital Twin accurately measures, maps, and includes data sources of assets (cranes, yard equipment, and terminal facilities) to port operatives. The digital model also sends real-time reports helping the maintenance team stay abreast of any upcoming or future maintenance needs and take corrective action before any fault occurs.

Real-Time Monitoring
Minato's Digital Twin is crucial in improving efficiencies through a visualized digital platform showcasing real-time port operations and a 2D/3D visual that gives an actual view of the port operations to the operator sitting in the control room. The real-time information helps operators manage end-to-end port operations (cargo movement, fleet management services) and govern the personnel on the field.   Enhancing Port Terminals and Operations
Minato's Digital Twin enhances port operations by offering real-time data through monitoring; it also gives the port operators an insight into critical factors by modelling the entire port into a digital twin. By replicating the scenario into a digital twin, ports can prepare for incoming and outgoing vessels, reduce the overall turnaround time of trucks and ships, and avert peak congestion.


Reduced Carbon Footprints 
Minato's digital twin model relies on modern technology that uses sensors to control power, gas, and water consumption, offering energy-efficient solutions to the ports.  Through its real-time monitoring feature, Minato Digital Twin offers accurate information that drastically reduces the likelihood of failures leading to container movements by cranes and operators, saving energy and improving the port's overall carbon footprint.

Reduced Human Errors, The Minato Digital Twin's 3D virtual model helps reduce human interventions as operators no longer perform physical tasks in the port. Information is available at their fingertips, helping them make faster and improved decisions to execute missions successfully.


Vehicle Management
Minato’s RORO Automation System is capable of handling a wide range of vehicles and complex problems with loading and unloading vehicles at Cargo Terminals. As soon as the vehicles are loaded or unloaded, Minato’s RORO automation automatically creates a final loaded list, displaying the complete vehicle list and its position. ·       Vehicle Yard Management RORO offers the exact and precise location of the vehicles in the yard making it easy for operators to manage the vessel load and discharge cycles. ·       Vehicle Condition Checklist Minato’s RORO Automation System records every detailed information about the condition of the vehicle and sends live notifications and alerts to operators. It also records information for damage, if any including the type of damage and the reason, for verification purposes.

Real-Time Monitoring
The RORO Gate Automation System offers real-time monitoring benefits like viewing, monitoring and ascertaining driver and vehicle movements in the port, sending alerts and notifications to drivers and operators. Real-time monitoring helps operators create a safe environment, a certain unnecessary movement of vehicles, and tackle excessive idling by assigning jobs and increasing productivity.


Automatic Scheduling & Assignment
Minato’s RORO Automation systems offers driver assignments, and scheduling of drivers for shifts and is capable of automating the driver pick-up for return from jobs in the port.
  Real-Time Key Performance Indicators
Minato’s RORO Automation System offers metrics like driver performance during the job (usage of vehicle, usage of equipment, excessive idling, leaving the engines on while loading or unloading hazardous goods etc).
  Increase Driver Productivity
Minato’s RORO Automation System generates custom reports, dynamic dashboards and indicators imperative for analyzing driver performance. The reports provide a clear overview of driver performance, utilization and success rate along with displaying the active, completed and pending jobs of each driver.

Monitoring Unauthorized Vehicles
The RORO Automation System helps is intelligent at determining if any unauthorized vehicle is moving in the terminal or in a restricted area.

Minato Integrated Logistics System (MILS)

Features & Benefits
·      Provides Truck/Driver Pooling
·      Job Planning, Job Dispatch Engine (Auto & Manual) & Prioritization & Forecasting
·      Shift-wise Job and Truck Forecast, Seat Module (Shift Change)
·      Shift Management Automation & Truck Maintenance (Preventive & Corrective)
·      ETA and ETC Calculation
·      Automatic Billing System
·      Real-Time Monitor and Track the T&D operations
·      Reduce operational costs to improve service revenue
·      Optimized planning and management based on accurate and real-time data.
·      Automatically Invoice processed and sent to customers
·      Auto Dispatch can be enabled to OTR Trucks & Allocation of the job on FIFO
·      Notify driver of ETA at container source location.



Features & Benefits
·      Provides a Smart Fleet Monitoring of equipment and assets in real-time.
·      Auto Container hand off with Terminal Operating System (TOS)
·      Real-time monitoring of Job, Alerts & Exception
·      Web / Mobile Application
·      Provides a 2D / 3D Map View of the entire port and assets in real time
·      Advanced Call Management System & Smart Voice / Text Message Broadcast
·      Predictive alarms on Equipment Maintenance & Fuel Monitoring System
·      Integration with various port system (ROSTER, TOS, MAXIMO, BPA, BI)
·      Compare ETA Planned vs Actual & to Improve Driver & Equipment productivity
·      Helps to Identify the Murder point in Job Cycle Time
·      Distance % KM driven for Laden and Unladen of ITVs
·      Provides an OEE – To view Overall Equipment Efficiency
·      Auto-Schedule for Maintenance (Fuel and Engine Hours)
·      Dynamic Dashboard & Reports, Monitor Live Camera Feed


Features & Benefits
• Detecting people working on suspended load
• Detecting people close to the edge of the water
• Detecting people, not in the correct PPE Kit
• Detecting people /Vehicle Near Danger Zones
• Geo-Fencing -Automatically detects, classifies, geolocates, tracks and alarms
• Fire & Debris Detection and alerts
• Real-Time Alerts , alarms during Port operations
• Health & Safety - Safety & Security Compliance
• Predictive Analysis and reporting
• Easy integration with existing video infrastructure and with all popular VMS
• MANUFACTURER AGNOSTIC – compatible with any type of IP camera
• Adaptable & intelligent platform.